Authentic Pleasure

with Lena Peak, MSW

We live in a world that frequently dismisses pleasure as “indulgent,” “unnecessary,” “untrustworthy,” and “shameful” – it’s high time we rewrite that narrative.

Pleasure can be life-giving, grounding, connective, and empowering. In this course we will reframe our understanding of eroticism and pleasure, distinguish between authentic and escapist pleasure, and identify ways to engage in pleasure with more intention and authenticity.

What you'll get:

  • 3 video modules: ~ 22 mins 
    • Module 1- Pleasure as Aliveness
    • Module 2- Barriers to Authentic Pleasure
    • Module 3- Moving Toward Authentic Pleasure with Gentleness
  • Reflection questions to guide your learning

You can start and stop the course as you like, and return to it at any time. 

About the Educator:

Lena Peak, MSW

Queer Sex Therapy Educator & Outreach Coordinator at The Expansive Group

Lena is a white queer femme currently based out of St. Louis, MO. Lena is passionate about the intersections of disability, queerness, and sexuality. Lena's go-to pleasure practices include live music, good food, laughing with loved ones, spending time in nature, & cat snuggles. 

Lena's courses & content are inspired by their core values: community, creativity, and liberation. She's eager to get curious, learn, grow, and laugh alongside you! 

*We do not offer refunds on education content unless there is a tech issue on our end. 

$14.99 USD

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